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Welcome to a new realm of care that encompasses not only your body but your mind as well. As your coach, my three-step approach will help you reduce your brain’s need to compensate for pain, restore your agility and reform your health. If you are looking to get back in control of your life, this program is a sure fire way to start.

Weakness, pain and restriction are perceivable symptoms that result from a deeper issue. The factors behind abnormal movement lies within our central nervous system and how it interacts with our environment. Gravity, the ground, and the joints in our bodies are fixed variables in the complex world of movement and performance.



Regaining optimal movement after surgery requires an experienced fitness, health and rehabilitation partner. It is about finding the root problem(s) behind a client’s movement abnormality. Many times over, I have found that it is blocked neuro pathways that are the underlying cause for many injuries, muscular imbalances and pain.

I have over a fifteen years of experience helping clients with the following:
. Post-surgical and post injury rehab
. Low back/upper spine/neck pain
. Posture and gait abnormalities
. Sciatica
. Spinal fusions
. Plantar fasciitis
. Rotator cuff injuries
. Carpel tunnel syndrome
. Lisfranc injury
. Dysbiosis
. Type 2 diabetes
. High blood pressure
. Obesity
. Leaky gut
. ACL/MCL/LCL/meniscus injuries
. Tendinitis
. Nerve compression syndrome
. Bursitis
. Fibromyalgia
. Frozen shoulder
. Bell's palsy
. Cancer/tumor removal post surgical rehabilitation
. Amputee
. Posture and gait impairment resulting from Parkinson's
. Chemotherapy/radiation rehabilitation
. Pelvic floor weakness/dysfunction
. Postpartum rehabilitation
. Movement therapy for PTSD



As treatment progresses, a small percentage of clients may notice a return of old symptoms such as joint aches and pain or even full body soreness. Not to worry, this is all a part of the motor control restoration process. This can happen because I am working in reverse chronological order through your faulty movement history. Though uncomfortable for some, the full body soreness is further confirmation that we are making positive changes in the way you move. I apologize in advance for any discomfort along the way.

3-Step plan:

1. Optimize brain-body-ground interactions.

2. Develop whole body strength and resiliency.

3. Maximize your performance and recovery with in-depth wellness coaching.



Are you a competitive athlete? Then you need an experienced coach that can ensure you are physically primed, ready and able to compete when needed. My primary focus is ensuring my athletes are able to compete in their sport. Staying healthy and at high performance depends entirely on preventing non-contact injuries before they happen. I utilize multiple tools to address this need. Are you an athlete and hindered by some type of movement abnormality that's preventing you from competing at your fullest potential? I can help you! As my client you will gain increased abilities in:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Quickness
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Recovery

The demands that life and sports place on the body are unforgiving and inconsequential. With my knowledge and experience, I am able to provide all of my clients the comfort and confidence that with my guidance, they will be able to handle the stressors they encounter in sports as well as everyday life..



My life long dedication to dance led me to helping others improve their health, reduce their pain, & empower their lives. I have worked and studied along with many industry leaders since my early career beginning at the tender age of seventeen. Notable names include, Shawn Sherman the developer of SQUARE 1 SYSTEM TM, based out of Western Springs, Illinois. Additionally, Dr. Matthew Petry of Post Rehab Solutions in Plainfield, Illinois. These individuals carved my core knowledge for rehabilitation and movement enhancement. My background in dance and sports gave me an additional unique discipline that widened my perspective and understanding of the human body and movement. These skills have given me the opportunity to help everyone of my clients.

  • SQUARE 1 SYSTEM ™ Certified Pro (2013)
  • Signal 6° ™ Director of Education
  • Institute of MotionApplied Health and Human Performance Specialist AHHPS Level 1 (In progress)
  • Institute of Motion/Anatomy Trains- ANATOMY LIVE EXPANDED Dissection-2018
  • ViPR PRO® LIVE Workshop-2018
  • Dr. Sears Certified Health & Wellness Coach-Approved of National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC)
  • Gut Health Specialist/Dr. Robynne Chutkan- The Gut Bliss Guide to SIBO
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT
  • University of Chicago-Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life.
  • Duke University-The Brain & Space.
  • Power Plate® USA ambassador
  • Professional Hip-hop Dancer & Instructor
  • Public Speaker


I believe optimal posture and movement begin with proper communication between the brain and the body. For years now, I have used a unique and scientific process that has helped hundreds of my clients to live pain free. This is accomplished by optimizing sensory-motor communication between the brain, body and the ground. Much of the pain and restriction issues that we experience, occur primarily because of weakened internal signals between the brain and specific joint positions.

Stress compromises sensory motor signaling. When internal electrical communication is disrupted because of stress, it causes the brain to "block" neuro pathways and forces compensation. Compensation degrades movement quality and movement outcomes. You will begin to see a decrease in things such as flexibility, strength, balance, agility, and power.. This internal signaling issue, is the primary cause of altered muscle length-tension relationships, joint displacement or joint space and can cause acute/chronic pain.

It is my mission to help my clients achieve the pain-free lives they deserve, in less time than traditional therapies. SQUARE 1 SYSTEM TM, restores motor control which automatically reduces the brains need to compensate. Our unique process essentially, restores missing links in the kinetic chain, changing "unsafe" joint positions to "safe". Doing so, directly improves movement outcomes and movement quality. This is preciously why my clients reach their goals much faster than traditional therapies. SQUARE 1 SYSTEM TM goes far deeper than conventional therapies. Motor control restoration is not so much about individual muscle function, rather motor control restoration resolves the underlying "blocks" that directly effects muscle imbalances and muscle dysfunction.

As you progress through the restoration process, we are working in reverse chronological order through your faulty movement history. Full body soreness can occur in more severe cases, but this if the case, it is further confirmation that we are making positive changes in the way you move. As we work through the “layers” of neural compensation, we will eventually begin to build your overall resilience by progressing you through a variety of controlled stressors and movement tasks. This will further reinforce symmetry, resilience and movement pattern quality.
My lifelong dedication to fitness and health allow me to support you in your path to wellness and achieving your goals.
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