Your Gut bacteria is more important than you know.



Will avoiding touching your hands around that public door handle really prevent you from contacting the so called bad germs? Is using your hand sanitizer really killing off viruses that cause us to get sick? Does antibiotics cause more harm then good for that nagging infection? What happened to the old school motto of putting dirt on it and toughing it out? Well…Things are not always as they seem. The hidden world of Bacteria are ubiquitous. They live on us, inside us and all around us, this is the Microbiome.

Our GI tract is 70% of our bodies’ immune system. In Addition, there are more bacteria in our gut than there are cells in our body. Recent findings show the hidden catalyst in your weight loss may lie in the balance of your gut flora. The wide spread overuse of antibiotics, medications such as PPI (protein pump inhibitors), anti-acids, artificial and processed foods are the contributors of the diagnosis “Dysbiosis”.

Amoxicillin and Tylosin represent more than 80% of antibiotics prescribed in American children. Studies with mice show that early exposure to antibiotics have a significantly higher bone density, fat and muscle mass than their counterparts (Missing Microbes, Martin J. Blaser, MD page 162-163). Obesity and leanness can be predicted with 90% accuracy just by examining the gut bacteria. Additionally, studies show that when microbes that were taken from obese mice and placed into germ free mice, the germ free lean mice gain weight. In contrast, when germ free lean mice microbes were given to obese mice they did not gain weight. Therefore, obesity is much more complex than just the food we eat and how much we exercise.

The increase of inflammatory bowel disease, Crohns disease, Celiac disease, Alergies, Obesity, Ulcerative Colitis has a link with other widespread increases in Western Europe and North America. The explosion of Antibiotics, C-sections, industrialized countries, packaged food without expiration, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap are also factors in this quasi-mystery. Are you clean and unhealthy, or dirty and healthy?

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