You must learn the rules before you break them.

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is an art form similar to that of a chess match. Every move is vital and every move can result in a loss. Unlike organized team sports, the victory is separated by a point system. Conversly, victory in  Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is obtained by two factors; The point system, or the majestic victory via submission. The ranking system is separated by color of belt. White-Belt or novice to Black-Belt or expert. This is obtained by tireless hours of instruction, implementation and meditation. At my old Jiu-Jitsu school west of Chicago, I heard of rumors around town that near by Dojo’s (Japanese for Training complex) professors would pay for their Black-Belts. This would give the illusion to some unbeknownst students that their instructor was a master but behind their facod they were artificial. I label people of this sort Internet professionals & YouTube disciples. What’s my point? Being labeled as a professional, coach, instructor, master, or  trainer must first  be initiated by comprehension of the basic rules of their respective feilds, before one can place a label  beside his or her name.

The explosion of group fitness in the past several years has provided an avenue for people who want to exercise and get in shape an affordable and convientient solution to do so. Classes are typically 60 minutes or less, relatively affordable and provide a group atmosphere to allow people to be motivated by community. These are all positive outcomes of such a new trend. This has also opened the door for many novice individuals to take advantage of this free for all. Many organizations hold one or two day seminars and after compelting it can be allowed to instruct people how to perform complex Olympic lifts, static stretches and quasi massage techniques. Moreover, some group fitness classes pair continuous high intensity exercises with complex movements with dozens of participants with loud music. What is wrong with this picture? This is no different from the counterfeit Black- Black I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Reaping the benefits of the industry without paying their dues.

I was giving a small seminar to a very successful C____F____ Gym. As I began to speak about  planes of movement a critical element of Human Biomechanics, they looked at me like a deer in headlights. Completely ignorant of these vital laws.  B-Boys mimic dynamic moves they saw on Red Bull BC ONE without having or developing rhythm. Jiu-Jitsu players want to use ankle locks while still a White-Belt becasuse they saw it on UFC Fight Night. Coaches want to teach people how to Olympic Lift without understanding the Law of Pronation and Supination. Group Fitness owners with a Business and Marketing degree generate six figure incomes while members unknowingly sabatoge themselves with untintelligent, robotic exercise. This paradox is saturated in my industry and many other arts. To sum it up; understand  the basics, be humble, strive  for knowledge and perspective and with years you will have wisdom.

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