Greetings to you! My name is Nile Bratcher.

I am a health and fitness coach living in Superior, Colorado with my wife of fifteen years. I was born in Denver, Colorado, but I was raised in Chicago, Illinois most of my life by a single mother.

I served as a dance instructor for children and teenagers for many years during my early career as a fitness coach. This multifaceted experience taught me how to be flexible in my coaching and adaptable in my approach. My time spent as a dance instructor, performer and competitor helped mold my career as a fitness and health professional.

From 2005, I’ve served as a certified personal trainer and health coach. My knowledge of movement is interdisciplinary and has allowed me to help hundreds of people of various backgrounds overcome movement limitations, injuries and health challenges.

In 2018, I enrolled in a cadaver dissection course held in Boulder, Colorado. This in-depth educational experience opened my eyes to the world of dissection and surgical technology.

My newfound passion has led me to seek a degree in Surgical Technology and Sterile Processing Technician license. The curriculum involves health sciences such as, pathophysiology, anatomy & physiology, virology, pharmacology, anesthesiology, medical terminology, microbiology, patient care, surgical technology equipment and procedures. I plan to graduate by the end of 2022.

One of my favorite quotes says, “There are two mistakes on the road to mastery: Not starting it and not going all the way.” I’m elated to continue my studies into the wonders of the human body. I look forward to updating this section again in 2022 after clinicals.


I welcome you to contact me for more information
about any of my services or methodologies.