All sports rely on the same basic elements of human movement. Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or active weekend enthusiast, your body is using acceleration, deceleration, stabilization, and maximum joint and muscle range of motion on three planes.


Over time, the impact of any incorrect movements, as a result of poor posture, unintelligent training programs, injury, or bad habits, takes a toll. Consciously or unconsciously, you develop motor compensations for weakness and pain that result in more problems that can diminish quality of life. It is time to and restore the body’s ability to move with the efficacy for which it was designed.

During rehabilitation, a stark disconnect often occurs between therapy and the body’s natural operating system. Vital and intricate muscles are isolated in exercise rather than addressed as part of an integrated program that aligns with how the body naturally works. REFORM, developed by Nile Bratcher, is a holistic approach based on the body’s interdependent muscular and skeletal structures. When movement and exercise work in harmony with the body’s engineering, results can be dramatic.

RESET, REFORM, and restore your agility and strength. »

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