Interested in learning Qigong? I can assist you in your journey. My online library has instructional videos that lead you through the fundamentals of Qigong. I can strategically program Qigong into any performance and health program to promote balancing of the autonomic nervous system by increasing parasympathetic tone, promoting the circulation of blood, lymph, chi (energy), stimulating various neuromyopathic and acupressure points located throughout the body. Qigong also is an excellent way to build and maintain relative strength, cognitive function, balance, flexibility. Most of all, Qigong improves the awareness of yourself and your physiological functions and relationship with creation and the energy involved.

My knowledge comes from Shifu Shi Yan Lei of the Shaolin temple in China. Qigong is not just a form of exercise but really an art with the body, that teaches us more about ourselves and find balanceĀ  and peace within ourselves.