SQUARE 1, is a movement system that identifies joint actions that are intolerant to ground reaction forces. This is crucial because, movement dysfunction, muscle tension, and pain, is directly caused by the brain blocking off joint positions that are “unsafe” to load. This neuro reorganization, occurs due to stress, injury, inflammation, and pain. Because the foundational building blocks (signals and joint actions) are compromised, every human movement we can think of is degraded. SQUARE 1 pinpoints, identifies, and corrects blocked sensory motor pathways, by the use of conscious intention via hype specific isometrics. As a result, the brain can now reintegrate these previously missing links back into movement pattern generation. This not only reduces compensation, but also “resets” the factory settings in the movement system. 

Personal Training 

Improving  movement patterns (motor learning) will build overall resiliency and fitness, through individualized strength and movement programming. It’s focus is to reverse the effects of bad posture, tight and compartmentalized muscles, and compromised coordination and balance.

Health & Wellness Coaching
Developing an individualized program begins with a one-on-one evaluation and consultation with Nile to determine your goals. Whether you want to improve your physical appearance or enhance your overall quality of life, multi-dimensional Fitness/Wellness Programs include nutrition coaching, education, health guidance, and a daily exercise plan. Skype consultations available.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Regaining optimal movement after surgery requires a professional, dedicated rehabilitation partner. Nile offers extensive experience, enhancing the healing process and addressing difficult issues including chronic pain, sports injuries, and the wear and tear of job-related stress.

Amateur and Professional Fitness/Performance
The demands that all sports make on the body are unforgiving. Programming that provides each athlete with the ability to handle these demands at an extremely high level address each aspect of:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Quickness
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Recovery

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